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First of all, what is “polybourse”?


“poly” is the root word meaning “many”, and a “bourse” is a place where you can exchange valuable things for valuable things (like the bourses in New York, London, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Dubai, etc., where diamonds are bought and sold, or the Paris Stock Exchange where securities are traded).  In addition to gemstones and securities, a bourse may handle the trade of other valuable items, such as numismatic or philatelic collectables or the international exchange of foreign currency.


It is our intent to establish an online exchange that will allow for the easy exchange of fiat currency for crypto currency or tokens, crypto currency or tokens for different crypto currencies or tokens, or for the exchange of crypto currencies or tokens for fiat currencies.  We hope to eventually expand this service into an online exchange that will allow for fiat to fiat exchanges as well.  Until that happens, Polybourse will only be using United States Federal Reserve Notes as the accepted and available fiat currency.  Initially, the crypto coins and tokens that are traded on the Polybourse exchange will be those that are minted and issued by Polybourse; it is likely that there will be a select few of other crypto coins and tokens that will also be accepted for trade on Polybourse, but that decision will be addressed in the future.


So the name “Polybourse” is intended to explain that we are going to establish a variety of different online exchanges.  In practice, it should resolve into one exchange that is versatile enough to handle a variety of crypto coins and crypto tokens.


“” is the name of the website.  “, Inc.” is the corporation that owns and operates the “” website.  The corporation was registered with the California Secretary of State on July 27th, 2022.  The corporation is domiciled in Contra Costa County, California, and uses that jurisdiction for its legal framework.



What’s the difference between a “coin” and a “token”?


In a nutshell, “coins” have the power of laws behind them.  For something to be a coin, it needs to be legally issued by a government.  There are governmentally-issued coins that are privately minted (such as some of the Panamanian coins that are produced by the Franklin Mint, for example), but the government has to pass the law so that the coin can be legally produced.


“Tokens”, on the other hand, can be issued privately.  Privately-issued tokens are often used in commerce (such as “Good for one dollar in trade…”, etc.) or as novelty items.


Polybourse will be able to produce both crypto coins and crypto tokens.



What is an “ITO”?


“ITO” stands for “Initial Token Offering”.  This is the method that Polybourse has chosen to raise the development capital needed to implement the Polybourse Exchange.  The Polybourse Board of Directors has authorized the issuance of a little more than sixty-seven million tokens.  We want to sell enough of these tokens to raise between two and ten million US dollars.



Why call it “PBFEAR”?


The term “PBFEAR” is initially misleading.  What we are offering shouldn’t scare anyone.  It decodes to “PolyBourse Future Electronic Advertising Rights”.  We are selling these initial tokens now, with the expectation that they will be redeemable in the future, in exchange for advertising on our exchange.  We wanted to use “FEAR” as the token name, but someone is already using that, and we don’t want to step on their cybertoes.



Who is issuing these PBFEAR Tokens?


If you are interested in buying PBFEAR Tokens, your best approach will be to buy them directly from Polybourse.  Until the Polybourse exchange is implemented and operational, the only source for these tokens will be through private, off-exchange, transactions.  You might be able to find someone that is privately holding PBFEAR Tokens and is willing to sell some or all of them, but Polybourse will probably have the largest available supply – and will probably be the easiest seller to find.



What will the development capital be used for?


When a PBFEAR token is sold, the money that is used to buy it will be stored in a Trust account until our minimum requirements (US$2,000,000) are reached.  If we are unable to raise the minimum amount by July 1st, 2023, we will return the funds to the token buyers and rescind any token sales.  The purchases of PBFEAR Tokens will not be refundable prior to that date; in the event that we raise the minimum amount of development capital, the purchase of PBFEAR Tokens will not be refundable at all (only redeemable or resellable).


If the minimum amount of development funds are raised by our deadline, we will use the funds to lease office space, establish our development lab, make our payroll, pay our marketing costs and contract for externally sourced services (such as financial audits, security audits and software audits).  We may also have additional expenses that are not currently anticipated.  In addition to crypto generation and issuance, we will also be developing at least one appropriate crypto wallet, a utility that allows for the inspection of the individual blocks of the distributed ledger and the software systems that comprise the exchange.


It is worth noting that our shareholders will not be compensated for being shareholders, although they may receive a salary if they act in an executive capacity; it is our intent to use our early profits to sustain and increase the size of the company, rather than distribute stock dividends.  All of Polybourse’s stock is privately owned.



What is the nature and scope of media channels associated with the PBFEAR token advertising rights?


When the Polybourse Exchange is operational (currently targeted for July 1st, 2024), it will be sustained by advertising revenue.  Anyone that wants to advertise their products to our userbase will need to pay for those advertisements with PBFEAR Tokens (although we don’t currently know how much to charge for that advertising).  The demographics of our userbase will be focused – the users of the exchange will be buyers and sellers of crypto currencies.  We may be able to distinguish between buy-side and sale-side advertisements.


We expect that PBFEAR Tokens will not be redeemable anywhere else, although there may be a small market for them once the exchange is operational.  Anyone holding PBFEAR Tokens would be able to use them to purchase advertising on the Polybourse Exchange, or they might be able to liquidate any surplus tokens via transactions on the exchange.  Before the exchange is operational, the only method for liquidating PBFEAR Tokens would be via a private, off-exchange, transaction., Inc., cannot guarantee that PBFEAR Tokens will be tradable on any other cryptocurrency exchange.  Please note that we are unable to guarantee any profits in such a liquidation or trade.



Will Polybourse use software wallets?


PBFEAR Tokens will be held in the same manner as other crypto coins and crypto tokens that are used or traded on the Polybourse Exchange.  Any software wallet that Polybourse develops for use with the Polybourse Exchange will also be able to hold PBFEAR Tokens.  For secure storage, a User’s Polybourse wallet will be stored outside of the Polybourse Exchange; when it is time to trade (or to pay for advertising), crypto coins and crypto tokens will be transferred from the off-exchange wallet to the User’s trading wallet that is held on the exchange.  Once the crypto currencies are traded away, the incoming currencies are moved into the trading wallet to complete escrow; once the currencies are in the User’s trading wallet, they can be transferred into a wallet that resides off-exchange or (if they are US Federal Reserve Notes), they can be automatically swept into a trust account, to be held on behalf of the User. 


Purchases or trades would mirror that process in reverse: fiat funds would be moved into the User’s trading wallet or the offered cryptocurrencies would be moved from the wallet held off-line into the User’s trading wallet; when the trade is complete, the results would be sent from the User’s trading wallet to the wallet that resides off-line.


Users will not have access to the keys needed for the trading wallets.  Any Polybourse User that loses their keys for their off-exchange wallet will be unable to access the contents of that wallet until they can restore the keys.


Which blockchain will use?


The exact blockchain hasn’t yet been decided.  Whatever blockchain is used will be opensource and will have survived one or more independent cybersecurity audits.  Considering that will probably mint several different crypto currencies, it is likely that we will begin with a unique Genysis Block, and build from there.